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digestion process
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[/b]The human body is made up of a number of systems. Each system performs a certain
function. For example, the digestive system digests and absorbs food, the respiratory
system carries out the process of breathing and the circulatory system distributes the
digested food and oxygen all over the body cells.
[color=blue]Digestion Process:

Changing the food from a complex form into a simple one to let the body benefit from it.
The digestive system in Man consists of two Main parts which are:
1- Digestive canal القناة الهضمية
2- Digestive canal Supplementaries ملحقات القناة الهضمية
1- Digestive canal
Consists of:
1) Mouth
2) Pharynx بلعوم
3) Esophagus مرئ
4) Stomach معدة
5) Small intestine أمعاء دقيقة
6) Large intestine أمعاء غليظة
The function of Digestive canal components:
Food digestion and absorption occur in it.
1- Mouth: there are teeth inside it that chewing food (in adult are 32, each jaw has 16 teeth divided into 4incisors, 2canines and 10 molars) and the tongue mix food with saliva also saliva change starch into sugar.
2- Pharynx: allow food to pass from mouth to esophagus(common cavity between air and food).
3- Esophagus: allow food to pass from pharynx to stomach.
4- Stomach: store food for few hours (from 4 to 6 hours) and it digest food partly
especially protein.
5- Small Intestine: Its length is about seven meters, it coils inside the abdominal cavity.
It starts with a part known as duodenum where the bile juice (secreted by liver) and
pancreatic juice (produced by pancreas) is poured in. Duodenum is followed by a part of
the small intestine known as ileum. Intestinal juice is poured in the ileum where the
digestion to different types of food is completed.
Absorption process:
It means the transfer of digested food from small intestine into the blood.

6- Large intestine: Starts from the end of small intestine ending in the anus which is
located at the end of the rectum. Water is absorbed in rectum from food remains, then
these wastes are ejected outside the body through the anus.
In the small intestine the food digested completely by the help of juices:

2- Digestive canal Supplementaries:
1- Salivary glands: secrets saliva in mouth to change starch into sugar.
2- Liver: secrets bile juice which helps in fat digestion.( changes
Fat into fatty emulsionمستحلب دهني )
3- Pancreas: Secrets some enzymes which help in food digestion.

*How can we keep the digestive system in man healthy?
1- Chew the food well.
2- Don't eat much food that contains large amounts of fats such as fast meals.
3- Skip having food containing the additive compounds and flavorings.
4- Skip purchasing food from streets to avoid infectious diseases.
5- Practice sports regularly.

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منتدى مدرسة السويدى التجريبية للغات » منتدى المواد التعليمية » منتدى العلوم » digestion process (digestion process)
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