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Respiratory system
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Combination of oxygen and digested food to produce energy and release carbon dioxide
and water vapour.
Food + oxygen energy + carbon dioxide + water vapour
The components of Respiratory system:
1- Nose 2- Pharynx
3- Larynx 4- Trachea (wind pipe)
5- Bronchi 6- Two lungs
The function of its components:
1. Nose: It is lined with a mucous layer and hair to obstruct
and filter dust and microbes before the entering of air the
lungs. It also contains blood capillaries (tiny blood vessels)
to warm the air as it passes through.

G.R: Respiration from Nose is preferred not from mouth.

2. Pharynx: A common cavity leads to the esophagus and trachea.
3. Larynx:
-Found at the top of trachea and called (voice box) because it contains two vocal cords
-And above it there is epiglottis which closes off the opening trachea during swallowing,
this forbids food entering the trachea.
4. Trachea: is a tube supported with incomplete cartilaginous ringsحلقات غضروفية that
make it always open and it is also lined with ciliaأهداب to eject up the strange objects.
5. Bronchi: The bottom of the trachea branches into two narrow tubes called bronchi
enter the lungs and allow air to enter trachea.
6. Lungs:
Bronchus is divided into bronchioles inside each lung ending in alveoli which is
surrounded by a network of blood capillaries in where gas exchange occurs.
The two lungs occupy the thoracic cavity and they are interiorly surrounded by the ribs.
Diaphragm separates the thoracic cavity from the abdominal cavity.
* Mechanism of breathing and the role of rib cage in respiration:
In inhalation process the diaphragm contract and turns downward, So ribs move upward,
and the volume of chest cavityتجويف الصدر increased .
In exhalation process the diaphragm relaxes and turns up, so ribs moves down and the
volume of chest cavity decreased.
Exhalation air contains carbon dioxide and water vapour as products of respiration process.
How to keep respiratory system healthy?
1. Avoid being in crowded or poor ventilationسيئة التهوية places.
2. Keeping yourself warm and avoid catching cold.
3. Eating fruits rich in vitamin © Such as orange.
4. Stop smoking and keep away from smokers.
منتدى مدرسة السويدى التجريبية للغات » منتدى المواد التعليمية » منتدى العلوم » Respiratory system
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